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Sanctuary Registration
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Which of the following roles are you interested in:
(This gives us some indication of the volunteer selection available- but please note that these are allocated by us according to the skills we need)

Shift Leaders who have experience as Tangles (Sitters) and are keeping it all going smoothly in Sanctuary. CuddleFish supports them and are, in turn, supporting the sitters, guests and other volunteers in the space. This role is filled by experienced sitters who have been invited and trained up (similar to the ranger Tortoise) specifically or have experience in this role from other festivals.
If you sign up to be a sitter who directly supports guests with a challenging experience, this is you! Your official job title is "Tangle". We aim to have at least 4 Tangles on each 6-hour shift. This way, everyone gets one-to-one support.
Door Keeper?
If one-to-one peer support isn't your vibe, but you still want to volunteer with Sanctuary, you can greet and welcome people coming into the space, help the friends and family of guests, and keep the area Zen-ful and not over-full of people and noise. This often involves burning the literal home fire at our outdoor chill space and being a first-person smiling face when Tankwatonians arrive at Sanctuary.
Space Keeper?
Suppose background helpfulness, feng shui skills and general Zen Mastery are your thing. In that case, we can use your help keeping the Tangles and Guests supplied with blankets, refreshments and chilled vibes by holding space, keeping the interior beauootiful and calm—an excellent role for those new to sitting but still want to be of service.
Tell us about yourself (choose any and all that apply):
How do you spend most of your time?