Roving Artwork:

Mutant Vehicle

Theme Camp


Binnekring Event

What is your idea and what are you planning to do?

Some projects are already in advanced stages of development, while others are still at the drawing table. Many artists have been working on their projects for years, while others are only beginning to conceptualise their ideas while reading this.

This, and everything in between, is possible.
‘How?’ You ask.
It’s simple! – all creative projects are not equally demanding.

That said, we need to estimate numbers and determine processes as early as possible. Understanding how many travelling sound systems, moving artworks, applications for funding, DDTs and crew members to expect, will help everyone involved.

So… you want to express your creative intentions? – Fantastic! We’ve got just what you need. Introducing Expression of Creative Intent – The newest member of our Registration Family.
ECI is the first of a series of fun and concise forms — No more three-hour-seven-page-form-filling-non-relevant-questions!
Teamwork is essential, and our Creative Collectives are the power units of the Tankwa Town society. However, we don’t need to know that the exact output of your earphones is ≤[(HzxOhm-π)√dB+Watts]ºC, or what your grandparents’ phone number is just yet.

We want to know what you are concocting for AfrikaBurn 2024.


  1. If you have more than one Creative Intention, please express them in separate forms – Please mention your other projects, but we ask you to focus on one project per form.
  2. This is a preliminary registration; things may and are likely to change – Ideas evolve, prices rise, family & friends’ resources and patience decline, promises of generosity disappear, your crew discovers that playing golf every weekend is now a priority, etc.

Later on, we’ll ask you to register your project as you’re committing to do it. For Mutant Vehicles, you’ll be able to do the rest of this process immediately, while the rest of our creative registration process will be in January; other smaller forms will follow via email.

Please understand that we are changing our project registration process and doing it on a platform we have never used before. We put a lot of thought and effort into this, but things might not go exactly as planned. Please email us as soon as you notice something might be wrong. Always email or, and never send voice notes to any of your wranglers’ personal WhatsApp numbers.

Your honest and kind feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated – thank you!


This is only available to registered Creatives.